Wavestorm Surfboards Review

Whether you are a pro at surfing or somebody who just starting out, getting the right equipment can make all the difference in the world.

There are many options available in the market as far as surfboards go but what suits you may not be the one that you actually end up buying.

Which is why it is extremely important to do the right research and pick that perfect surfboard which will help you soar on the big waves of the ocean.

Wavestorm is a veteran brand in this area. It has been around for a long time and it is easily one of the most trusted surfboard brands around the world.

Costco being the parent company of Wavestorm, it is no surprise then that it is a well-known brand with a solid reputation worldwide.

3 Best Wavestorm Surfboard

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best wavestorm surfboardWavestorm 8' Classic
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best wavestorm surfboardWavestorm
Pinline Surfboard
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best wavestorm surfboardWavestorm Surfboard
Sunburst Graphic
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 Review Of Wavestorm  Surfboards

A classic choice in the surfing field, it is hard to argue against Wavestorm. This brand has been the first choice of many surfers for decades now. It has been around for such a long time and yet the range of this brand is still extremely new and trendy.

This brand has built trust in the minds of not just its users but also professionals. No wonder then that Wavestorm surfing boards are used even in surfing schools. Newbies are taught on the Wavestorm surfboards because they are easy to use and light in weight.

The design also ensures that there is not too much pressure on the surfer due to the mechanics of the board. Surfing with the Wavestorm surfboard ensures that you learn all the tricks of the trade. It makes you familiar with the length of the board as well.

Wavestorm surfing boards are the perfect purchase if you are just starting out in surfing. They are pocket friendly, thanks to their Costco legacy and also good quality boards. As a newbie or even a pro, it is possible to have your board be handled really roughly because the sport is such. The Wavestorm surfboards withstand all of that wear and tear and will still last you a long time.

Wavestorm has a special collection of longboards which are surfing boards measuring up to 8 inches. This extra length gives you that finesse to ride the wave with ease which might not be possible in a shorter board. The texture of the board is strong and lightweight.

This board won’t break when it hits a bunch of rocks by accident. This board can withstand the toll of surfing and then some. Also, the foam used in the making of this board ensures your comfort while riding the wave. It protects your knees while you maneuver the wave.

Not to mention the trendy patterns and designs used on the boards. They come in all the right colors and patterns. If you are looking for stipes, you got it. A plain colored board, there’s that too. And if you are looking for a fun pattern on the board, there are hundreds of those available as well.


Wavestorm is a trustworthy brand of surfing boards that gives you exactly what you need. From making you comfortable in the water at first to actually making you adept at surfing slowly and steadily, this surfboard does it all.

If you are new to surfing and want a reliable board that will last for a significant amount of time then this is definitely your choice. Wavestorm surfboards are a must have whether the user is a pro at surfing or just starting out. Pick your board from a huge collection of really cool surfboards at Wavestorm.

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