Best Beginner Surfbords For Kids And Adults

When you are just a spectator, surfing can seem like a daunting activity. In fact, you have to be really comfortable in the water to even begin this beautiful sport.

But once you’re there then it is very hard to separate you from the ocean. Surfing is really that addictive. However, to get to that stage it is very important to choose the right board.

The surfboard can make all the difference in your performance. It can either make your or break you so proper selection of the board is of extreme importance.

Features To Look For While Choosing Beginner Surfboard For Kids

  • There are many important factors that need to be considered before buying your kid’s first surfboard.
  • It has to be lightweight. The heavier the board the more difficult it is to handle it in the water. Especially for children.
  • The next important factor is the size. If the size is not right then it can cause a lot of discomfort to the user. Get a board that fits your kid.
  • Get your kids the board that easily stays afloat in the water. If it goes under every now and then, that can be very discouraging while surfing.
  • And lastly, make sure that the board has all the fun design elements so that your kids are easily attracted to the sport. Childhood is the best time to get them used to surfing.

Top 5 Best Beginner Surfboard For Kids

Images Name Check It Out
Bo-Toys Body Board Bo-Toys
Body Board
Check It Out
Wave Bandit Shred Sled Mini SurfboardWave Bandit
Shred Sled
Mini Surfboard
Check It Out
The Slyde Grom Soft surfing board The Slyde
Grom Soft
surfing board
Check It Out
Liquid Shredder  Surf Board Liquid Shredder
Surf Board
Check It Out
Fish Surfboard - Premium SurfboardsFish Surfboard
Premium Hybrid
Soft Top
Check It Out

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Best Beginner Surfboard For Kids

The Bo-Toys surfboard, made especially for kids is a solid board with lots of great features. The EPS made board is strong and perfect for a beginner.

The rock solid material of the board ensures that there is no wear and tear even after rough usage which is to be expected from kids.

This board will last a long time as the durability of the material is very strong. Apart from that, the board is also light in weight.

As a kid it can get a little difficult to carry around a heavy surfboard. This surfing board does not have that issue. If you have a child who is adventurous and wants to venture onto the bigger waves, then you want a really good surfboard for them.

This board does its job perfectly by providing a stable platform and gives that assistance to your kid in learning all the trickery of surfing.

Wave Bandit Shred Sled Mini Surfboard, Neon Pinkgood Beginner Surfboard For Kids

Summers are fun for a reason. The season opens up the doors for outdoor activities like no other. It is difficult to stay inside whether you are a child or an adult.

Well, specially if you are a child. Surfing is one of the best summertime activities for your kids. Not only is it great fun but it also brings in a sense of adventure and hence bravery in your kids.

A good surfboard can go a long way in making your kids like the activity of surfing in the first place. This Wave Bandit Shred Sled surfboard is the perfect choice of surfing board for your child if you are looking to instill some fundamental surfing lessons in your kids’ minds.

This board is really kid friendly as the design and the appearance shows. The colors are bold and bright and really inviting for kids. The material is strong and stable and the design is also perfect for surfing.

The Slyde Grom Soft Top Bodysurfing Handboard for Body Surfing

Beginner Surfboard For childrenThe perfect surfboard can truly change your life. It can make your ocean time your favorite time. This hand board is one such product.

It is safe for both children as well as adults so that is even better. You don’t have to carry two different boards of different sizes on your vacation. Just one versatile one will do.

The Slyde bodysurfing hand board, also known as a hand plane is a perfect excuse to jump into the water without any care in the world.

The soft top board is made completely of Foam and that makes it easy and very comfortable to ride on. The design is perfect for riding on those big waves as well.

The attractive colors and beautiful patterns ensure that even your kids become interested in the activity and go into the ocean with the same fervor as you.

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

top Beginner Surfboard For Kids

Liquid shredder is a very popular brand of surfboards. They have a wide range of surfing boards that are suitable for both adults and the kids.

This surfboard is a 7 ft long board which is made of EPE foam. The foam boards have the advantage of being very light weight and durable.

This board can take a lot of wear and tear and still function perfectly. Since this is a heat laminated board, there is no possibility of it tearing apart under any kind of pressure.

The wood stringers at the bottom give you that extra stiffness which makes the board very strong and stable. The board comes in various nice colors but the purple in itself is pretty enticing.

The Liquid shredder surfboards can be used to teach your kids surfing as well and the best part is that it can be used by all everyone alike.

Fish Surfboard – Premium Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards

Beginner Surfboard For Kids

This innovatively designed surfboard is a perfect board for starting out. If you are looking to teach your kids a fun new activity, then surfing is a great choice and this board will go perfectly well with that choice.

This is a premium surfboard with fins at the bottom that makes you ride the waves with a lot more ease. This special feature comes in quite handy for beginners and children.

They can ride those big waves without having to put in a lot of effort. This surfboard comes in two classy shades of white and light brown both of which look amazing.

This board is great for focusing on the performance and enhancing your moves on the waves. The paddle speed is significant and the fins or thruster noses as they are called give you that extra edge in the ocean.

This fish board has a super fine grip because of the premium material used and that is great for learners and beginners.

Features To Look For While Choosing Beginner Surfboard For Adults

The following are some of the features that you should be looking for in a surfboard if you are a beginner and are just starting out in the ocean.

  • Surfing can be extremely satisfying if you have the right board. So to begin with, choose the right type of board. A fish board, longboard, hybrid board, short board and soft top board are some of the various types of boards.
  • The size of the board matters a lot. If you get a longboard without being comfortable on a regular board, it can discourage your from surfing totally. So select the right size depending on your height and weight.
  • Because you are going to be in the ocean a lot practicing, there are chances that your first board won’t really have long shelf life. So make sure that your first board is pocket friendly.
  • Make sure you buy a board that is very strong. To get used to riding on the waves, it is important to first feel comfortable in the water. And only a good, strong board can make you feel that way.

Top5 Best Beginner Surfboard For Adults

Images Name Check It Out
 Giantex SurfboardGiantex Surfboard Check It Out
BPS Storm BodyboardBPS Storm
Check It Out
Beginner Foam SurfboardBeginner Foam
Check It Out
8’ Beginner
Foam Surfboard Premium Soft
Check It Out
Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Wave Bandit
Ben Gravy
Check It Out

Giantex Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board

Best Beginner Surfboard For Adults

Giantex is a well-known brand of surfboards. They have a wide collection of surfboards that come in all shapes and sizes.

This particular product is a great one for beginners. Surfing can be a little intimidating in the beginning.

If you want to get over your fear of water and those huge ways, then you need a rock solid surfboard that will provide you with stability and increase your confidence in the water.

This surfing board is made of foam which is a good thing for the beginners. Foam reduces the weight and also gives the surfer a wonderfully steady grip on the board.

There are removable fins attached to the bottom of the board. You can remove them as and when you feel more confident while surfing. This is a perfect board for a beginner with its durable construction and beautiful colors and designs.

BPS Storm Bodyboard – Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers

Good Beginner Surfboard For Adults

The BPS bodyboard, also known as the Storm body board is an amazingly designed board for beginners and experts alike.

The first thing that you will notice about this board is how strong it is. Strength of a surfing board matters a lot in the water. If your board is not strong enough, it can actually hit a rock and break into pieces.

The new surfboards which are made of foam avoid that mishap almost every time. This bodyboard is made of EPS foam and is hence quite light weight. It also comes with a set of fins which are removable.

If you are new at surfing, then you can use the fins to support you in the water. Once you gain that expertise, they can be removed. This board also comes with a swivel, coiled leash. Leashes are another important factor. This leash allows you to keep a track of your board.

8’8 Beginner Foam Surfboard – Premium Soft Top Surfboards

 Beginner Surfboard For big guys

This beautifully textured surfboard has a lot of great features. Even though there are endless choices in the market, if you are a beginner and just want to learn the art of surfing then this is your board.

It is so wonderfully made that you won’t feel even a hint of insecurity when in the water. The soft top, to begin with, is of premium quality and gives you a great grip to stand on.

That is a very important factor for beginners. More often than not, the surface of the surfing board becomes a bit too slippery because of the water. But this board solves that problem easily.

The 8 ft long board is able to accommodate up to 230 lbs with ease. There are also removable fins at the bottom of the board that can help you navigate the water with better skill.

8’ Beginner Foam Surfboard – Premium Soft Top Surfboards

 Top Beginner Surfboard For Adults

This version of surfboard is also called the verve. This board is made of special EPS closed cell foam which is perfect for surfboards.

The surface of this surfboard is textured and that helps the user keep a strong grip on the board while riding the wave.

The blue color is very appealing and if you are on the water, it can almost seem like you are up on the waves with your bare feet. It makes for great photography too as a side bonus.

The light weight foam helps the user carry it wherever he wants without any discomfort. It is also good to have a light weighted board on the water as it can stay afloat easily.

There is also a leash in this pack. The leash helps the surfer to stay close to his board even if he has been wiped out by a big wave. The swivel leash that comes with this board is good for beginners.

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy

Beginner Surfboard For Adults

Who doesn’t like fun branding and patterns on their sporting equipment? This surfing board is a perfect combination of both functionality and fun design.

The skull plus pineapple pattern on the board is a huge plus if you are looking for a fun board. Apart from that, the design itself of this board is made for optimal performance.

The material used in the making of this board is of high quality and can withstand a lot wear and tear. Especially if you are beginner, then you want a board that can take your rough usage.

Even though this is a soft top board made of foam, it has the stiffness of a regular fiberglass surfboard which makes it very steady in the water.

The Bandit Ben surfboards have a cult following of their own because of the premium quality board and their performance oriented design.


Surfing is a wonderful outdoor activity that tingles your sense of adventure in the most fun way.

It can get a little intimidating for beginners but if you choose the right equipment and get the right training then there is nothing that can stop you from riding those big waves.

So get yourself a wonderful surfing board and start riding them waves without any fear because the more you are in the water, the more expertise you will gain.

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