Transworld Surf – Cheat codes

Best surfing games

Here is a list of Transworld Surf Cheat codes. These cheat code can help you to make you gameplay very interesting.

All goals completedBack, Up, Left, L, Up, Left, and L
Alternate ColorsBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left
Deactivate All CheatsBack (4x)
Disco LightsBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right
Easy FloatingBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left
Faster paddling (during gameplay you must hold the right analog stick to use the faster paddling cheat)Back, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, and Down
Full Special BarBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up
Get Rid of HUDBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Right
Green WaterBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left
Invisible SurfboardBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down
Invisible SurferBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Up
Level SelectBack, Down, Right, Left, L, Down, Right, Left, and L
Magic SurfboardBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Up
Master CodeBack, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, and L
Perfect BalanceBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, and Left
Purple HazeBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left
Shark SurfingBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Down
Speed PaddleBack, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Down

Let us know your favorite cheat code that helps you in your gameplay.

Five of the Best Surfing Games you must play

Best surfing games

Since childhood, it might be our dream to try on and get a first-hand experience of those thrilling sports and the games that force adrenaline gush. It is one of the must include things in your cherished bucket list, and you want to give it a try very eagerly. If you are a lucky lad, you can get your experience very early. But for a common man, the dream comes true when he is at his thirties. To hold on your eagerness for such a quite long time is a very tough and tiresome job. So, wouldn’t it be better if you get a virtual experience of the same and relinquish your thirst a little? This can be possible via the video games that have included too good technologies to give you the best experiences.

We have a lot of video games for bike racing, air sports, skiing etc. But now, we will be looking at some of the best surfing games that leave no stone unturned to give you one of the superb experiences of surfing, one of the most cherished things in the bucket list.

There are a lot of surfing games available but let us look at the top 5 surfing games that you can give a try.

Transworld Surf

It is one of the best and most downloaded and played game when it comes to surfing. It has tried to give the player a real hand and serene experience. The game 9is very livelily and you can interact with the Non-Gaming Characters. It gives you ten real-life locations and real-life surfers that are well known for their surfing abilities and facilities. The areas include Huntington Beach in California and Jeffries Bay in South Africa. It has also got an exciting feature – the Karma meter. Just like real-life karma, if you do some wrong deeds like getting in the way of the other surfers, spraying water on the people sitting on the beach or messing up with the routine of the marine life, bad things will happen to you, and eventually, your karma meter goes high. 

You will surely have a great experience as maximum efforts have been taken to make it as lively as possible.

Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer

It too comes with real-time conditions, oceans, and populated waves. It is generally designed for 1-2 players and can be played and enjoyed on gaming platforms like Xbox, Play Station 2 and GameCube. It was initially and primarily designed for Tom Hawk’s Pro Skater series. The game lets on the players to take on the waves in some of the popular locations including South Africa, Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti, Spain And North America. It also includes real-life skaters like Lisa Andersen, Tom Carroll, Tom Curren, Nathan Fletcher, Bruce Irons, Rob Machado and Kalani Robb. That is what from my side. The rest is your duty. Get the game and have the most refreshing experience.

California Games

Here comes the third one in the list of the best five surfing games. There are a lot of games under the same name as BMX riding, rollerskating, skateboarding and flying disc. But there is a separate fan base for the surfing under this name. Here, we can score points by making well-aimed jumps off the waves and showcasing our talents and skills. We can ever challenge our fellow competitors. Sometimes, when you get plunged in the water, you are followed by a shark; one of the prominent cases that we often imagine while we surf. Again, it gives a coll, first-hand real-life experience. Get this game guys and don’t remain so lofty.

Sunny Garcia Surfing

Here comes an exciting and completely out of box stuff from the list of the best five surfing games.We have seen till now that the games try to give you a real and lively experience via real-life locations. Ut what if you get the same experience via an entirely fictional location and condition. The game has set a location 300 km east of Fiji Islands, an utterly imaginary one that still gives you large waves to surf on. But yeah, there would be sea creatures, especially the shark.

Town and Country Surf Designs: Wood and Water Range

The last in the top 5 surfing gameslist. It is a proper old school game, released back in 1988. You can surf here in your style and the way you want. A vintage one, but it remains the most craving one in the list of the gamers. You can be your own master here.

These were the best five surfing games that you can try to get a real-life experience of the game. You may not be delighted, but I will surely make you control your eagerness till you are on the surfing board, the middle of an ocean. Get these games and give them a try and get in your world. Till then good luck and Happy Gaming!!


Yes, you heard it right. I am talking about The Sims 4; a life stimulation and lively game which got added to the series of The Sims video games on September 2, 2014. It is the fourth significant and essential inclusion in The Sims video games series and can be played on various major gaming platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One. It is also enjoyed on the significant operating systems like Microsoft Windows, macOS.

If we take an example, for instance, say an exam, there are always some tips and tricks that the top student has to score well and write impressive answers. Likewise, in the games too, there are a lot of tips and tricks to be known to get to a level where no one can reach easily. Perhaps, he may need a lot of time and meanwhile, within that time you can shoot up to new and highest levels. Today, we will be looking at some of the best tips and tricks for Sims4 and also some of the Sims skill cheats.

Some of the tips and tricks for Sims 4 are-


Pick helpful traits

There are many traits available and ready to offer you. But pick those that might be really helpful. For instance, active- The Sim will get frequently and periodically energized and will help to build the fitness very fast; self-assured- The Sim will be confident enough and will benefit a lot, especially in the career progression. There are a lot more but choose wisely.

Claim the reward lamps

Being a gamer, you shouldn’t forget your rewards and points. Here, you will be given a lamp as a reward, which you have to collect along your journey. This will surely help you in upgrading and improving the Sims emotions.

Sims 4 tips tricks

Get known and familiar to the build mode shortcut keys.

E- Eyedropper Tool

H- Hand Tool

R-Design Tool

Alt- Allows the object to be placed off-grid while you are holding.

[- Reduce terrain brush size.] for Increase terrain brush size.

Page Up- Go up a floor

Page Down- Go down a floor.

There are many hotkeys, but these were some of them.

Earn money by recycling

Unlike real life, where we recycle the unused and unwanted stuff, we can do it here too. This sets an excellent example of a lively and interactive game.

In the game, you can get paid for the recycled stuff. This will help you in getting an upgraded trait.

Now let us have a look in the Sims 4 cheatswhich can really help us to be a step ahead of our fellow competitors.

To open cheat command

For windows- Press Control, Shift and C

For Mac- Command, Shift and C

After you open the cheat command, you may use the following cheats-

Help- gives you the full list of commands and cheat codes

Kaching- instantly gives you 1,000 simoleans

Motherlode- gives you 50,000 simoleans

Rosebud- It too gives you 1,000 simoleans

Sims.modify_funds- Adds a specific and requested amount (if it is within the permissible range) to household expenses.

Resetsim (Sim name) – The Sim name gets modified. It is same as that of the Sims 3, comes with an upgrade.

Fullscreen- toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode

FreeRealestate on- A handy and very useful cheat that makes all neighbourhood lots free

Headlineeffects on- Enables the gamer the headline graphics.

Careers.careername (name) – Gives your Sim any chosen career,(typed within the parenthesis).

Career.demote (name)- Lets you to get demoted to your selected and requested Sim.

Career.promote(name)- Gives you a selected Sim on a promotion (enter the name of the career and not that of the Sim).

These were some of the cheats for the Sims 4.

To activate the cheats of the Sims 4 you are requested to do the following-

  • Type CTRL-shift-C/Command Shift-C to bring up the games console.
  • Enter “testingcheats true”.
  • Enter “bb.moveobjects”.
  • Type “Ctrl-Shift-C” to close the dialogue box.
  •  Repeat steps 1-4 to turn off the cheat codes.

Let us have a look at the Sims 4 vampire cheats :

Traits.equip_trait_OccultVampire- Turns the Sim into a vampire immediately

Traits.remove_trait OccultVampire- Turns a vampire back into a normal Sim.

There are a lot many Sims 4 vampire cheats and codes. It is quite challenging to remember all of them, so I have mentioned very few but important ones.

These were a part of the tips and tricks and along with it were some crucial cheats and vampire codes. I hope these would be helpful to you guys. Use them and rock yourselves and get a step ahead of your fellow competitors. Till then, Happy Gaming!!

Best Five Tips And Tricks For True Surf

Many of us are interested in surfing and roaming around the beach and make ourselves happy. But, the present situation by the pandemic corona virus doesn’t allow us to make this happen. We all pass our time by watching movies, series, playing video games and many more. For all the video game players who are also interested in real-life surfing, this article is going to make your day.

In this article, I will be going to talk about sometips and tricks for playing one of the best surfing games ever- true surf.

There are many video games related to the genre of surfing. Still, almost all of them disappointed us with their gameplay. In my research, I came to know that developing these games is tricky. It needs a digital ocean design that is hard to conquer. And the whole surfing concept in virtual is also somewhat awkward. But the present situation demands its presence in the virtual world.

True surf is considered to be the most authentic surfing game with a realistic surfing simulation. The designers of the game associated with some organizations like the Surfline and the WSL etc. to develop this game and brought this into reality.

The condition in the game and the waves produced are linked through Surfline’s real-time cameras. If the waves are flat in real life, then they are also flat in the game. The sound experience from the game also makes it more intuitive.

Ture surf

The game lets you surf in 21 best surfing locations from Australia to Hawaii. The in-game weather condition in these places is controlled by Surf line. So this varies the experience from site to site.

The impressive flips that can be made onboard make this game bring a lot of fun to the players. For this game to become more attractive, here are some tips and tricks for the true surf video game.

  • The control for playing the game is pretty much straightforward. It’s just moving some ups and downs throughout the surfing and some diagonal slides to attempt the layback. It takes some time to get used to the controls, but they are clear cut with no confusion.
  • Attempting a jump is one of the difficult ones to expertise. The trick for doing a soft jump is attempting it when you get close to a speed of mph. This can give you a good jump.
  • After jumping, the next thing is to drop. This is probably the first trick to learn before starting the game. Dropping in some locations is more complicated than regular drop-in. The method to excel this is, find someplace where the wave picks up and then attempt the drop-in at that place.
  • In this game, the wave selection matters a lot. Attempting a take-off on any wave you see around is a mistake. Move your camera up and down around the lineup and choose a wave. Tap on the stream where you want to initiate the drop. Experimenting at the take-off spots gives excitement.
  • As real-life cams simulate the waves in the game, the developers use a lot of information from these cams to develop the streams in the game. But there are chances of a little bit inaccuracy. So a piece of knowledge on the waves at the gaming spot is advised for better gameplay. Your wave experience counts a lot.
  • Last but not least, the selection of the board is also necessary. Good boards are essential in surfing. Some decent boards are provided with at the starting of the game. But paying some dollars gives some cool boards. On reaching level 7, you can unlock some options for your board. And at level 11 many boards get unlocked.
True surf video game

These are some tips and tricks for beginners who want to enjoy and excel in the true surf game. You can download the game for free from Google play store or the Apple app store. These are some of the tricks mentioned. Many methods can be found out through the internet.


Best 5 FPS Games

The FPS games are essentially first-person shooter games. The main aim of the games is to provide the personal experience of the game to the player instead of the protagonist. Usually, in all the other games, there is a protagonist who plays the games and you guide him through the interface. However, FPS games show the display of the games in such a way that the player visualizes it as his own life. The common games would include a combat that takes place between the player and the other person on the opposite side. However, these days the other person in the game might be another online player and not a computer player. Thus, to use this breathtaking personal experience you can play the best FPS games listed below.



The Fortnite is one of the best FPS games and the player can enjoy the actual shooting experience. The game has three different modes – save the world, battle royale and creative mode. All three modes have different outcomes and the player can enjoy the game without any issues. The save the world mode will let you set up the game against the environmental harmers and the battle mode will set up a battle against 100 players. So, the last player surviving would win the game. The last creative mode is for freedom and the player can participate in anything that they want. They can take up challenges and other things to play the game. Thus, the shooting experience would be enhanced with the help of the different modes.

Call of Duty

Call of duty

The call of duty is one of the best FPS games and it has gained popularity in very less time. The game is available on mobile and that too free of cost. The game allows 100 players in the royale mode and people can play it online with other players also. The game revolves around PvP shooting and the player can enjoy the PFS shooter mode. The player can collect different things while playing the game and that would change the course of the game.

Critical Ops

Critical ops

The main aim of the game is to provide an FPS shooting interface that can help the player in gaining popularity. The player would get two options while starting the game – they can play as terrorists or anti-terrorist. The terrorist would have to conduct destruction and the anti-squad will try and stop them. Thus, both the interface will require shooting and that will enhance the overall experience of the game. Moreover, the setup of the game attracts many users and they would enjoy it to the fullest.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman sniper

The hitman sniper is the FPS game that helps in giving a good interface for shooting. The game revolves around the various aspects such as getting a target and shooting them without getting caught. The sniper would get a chance to hide in the surroundings of a building and they would have to take care that the suspicions are not on them. However, the game has many levels, missions along with different types of rifles and strategies. So, these things would help them in using different platforms and enjoy the game as shooters.

Modern Combat 5: eSports

Modern combat

The basics of this FPS game would help in identifying the players and fighting against them. It is an online platform and any number of players can join the game. However, the main role of the game is to provide the best shooting experience. The game has various weapons and the player has to adopt different strategies to save their lives and kill the enemies. Thus, the game is promoted as being eSports and you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Thus, there are many different FPS games but the major role of the games is to provide the perfect shooting experience. The players would feel the anxiety for surviving in the game which would be similar to surviving in the same field in real life.